Peter Simensky


Brooklyn-based artist Peter Simensky‘s medium is money. By combining images from currency belonging to 50 failing world economies, he creates colorful collages that remain true to the scale of other notes. In 2005, Simensky partnered with the Swiss Institute to give his money/art buying power at the Armory Show in New York City where other galleries allowed pieces to be bought with what he calls “Neutral Capital.” He himself uses his currency to buy work from an array of artists. He displays those pieces that he’s bought in portable galleries that fold up into shipping crates. So far, his collection includes work from Yuh-Shioh Wong and Peter Coffin, among others. By assigning value to his mint, Simensky has found a way to participate in and critique the current art market. His solo exhibition “Cerca: Peter Simensky” will be at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego through September. The artist received his MFA from CUNY Hunter College in NYC.