August, 2007

Jill Magid

The Gagosian Gallery‘s Madison Avenue space in New York City is currently presenting “With Full Consent,” works dated 2004-2007 by artist Jill Magid. The exhibition continues Magid’s investigation of the emotional and philosophical links between authority, protective institutions and the individual. The artist has staged and edited scenes that were captured by police using public CCTV surveillance cameras, using the footage to “seek the potential[…..]

Ingrid Calame

Outlining sidewalk stains, skid marks and graffiti on the streets on New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vages is just a portion of what goes into the work of L.A.-based artist Ingrid Calame. What may look like a Pollock-style painting at first glance is more a method of controlling shapes and outcomes than personal expression. After the painstaking process of tracing each found stain,[…..]

Alison Elizabeth Taylor

Artist Alison Elizabeth Taylor is known for creating biting social critiques executed through the exquisite craft of marquetry, or wood veneer inlay. Taylor, who is a recent MFA graduate of Columbia University School of Art, creates narratives that offer insight into America by investigating the distractions of contemporary culture such as sex, video games and luxury SUVs. The artist’s combination of marquetry, often associated with[…..]

Andrea Zittel

Conceptual artist and designer Andrea Zittel will be speaking on cultural imperatives and market forces in a public discussion between artists/designers Bruce Tomb, Mike Kuniavsky and Donald Fortesue held at The Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, Calif., this afternoon at 4 p.m. Zittel was the 2007 Headlands Artist in Residence, producing new work that further explores her interest in the intersection of sculpture,[…..]

Chris Ballantyne

In an exhibition ending just last week with the Peres Projects in Los Angeles, artist Chris Ballantyne presented “Existing Outside of Another.” Ballantyne, who was born in Mobile, Ala., focuses much of his works on mundane architectural structures such as parking lots, old swimming pools and billboards. A dominate characteristic found in his recent work is a strong and eerie glowing natural light that seems[…..]

Chris Dent

Chris Dent is a 22-year-old British illustrator and artist who explores the energy of urban street culture through densely informative drawings of cityscapes. Dent often captures his imagery with pen directly on paper, preventing any reworking and allowing the first mark-making instinct to dominate. The artist recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in London with a degree in illustration. Since his graduation, the young[…..]

Susan Giles

Artist Susan Giles’ work takes root in the eye of the tourist. The artist has presented hours of video documentation taken by vacationers and amateur videographers around the world. In 2005, Giles participated in the exhibition “Universal Experience: Art, Life and the Tourist’s Eye,” curated by Francesco Bonami at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago. Unassuming establishing shots of local scenery are spliced[…..]