August, 2007

Nathan Baker

Artist Nathan Baker creates large-format photographs often depicting multiples of the same figure within a single space. Baker constructs these images digitally, allowing greater narrative possibilities to emerge and offering insight into contemporary American life. In his recent series “Rupture,” the artist photographs moments directly following spills or knock-overs. Referencing Martin Heidegger‘s idea of the “Present at Hand,” the artist’s new series attempts to capture[…..]

Charles LaBelle

Opening Sept. 7, Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery in Chicago will present new works by photographer Charles LaBelle. LaBelle has been developing an ongoing series of works that feature hundreds of one-inch square photographs complied into a single, large and intricately compounded work. The artist acts as both a tourist and artist, traveling to cities all over the world, taking snapshots that are then brought back[…..]

Carrie E. A. Scott

Curator and arts writer Carrie E.A. Scott has recently developed as a prominent force within the Seattle arts community. Scott is currently the director of the James Harris Gallery, having brought recent shows to the space such as the Rashid Johnson exhibition “Dark Matters” and recent paintings by Seattle-based artist Scott Foldesi. In addition to her duties at the James Harris Gallery, Scott is the[…..]

Marc Horowitz

Bay Area artist, entrepreneur and organizer Marc Horowitz gained national attention when he wrote “Dinner w/ Marc 510-872-7326,” his actual name and cell number, on a dry-erase board, which was published in a Crate & Barrel catalog. Soon after, calls poured in, and Horowitz began “The National Dinner Tour,” a traveling, dinner-eating, cross-country adventure. Since, the artist has produced several projects, including “The Errand Feasibility[…..]

Felix Schramm

The dynamic site-specific installations of German artist Felix Schramm deconstruct pre-existing architectural elements while bringing outside structural fragments into the gallery. Schramm creates illusion and physical tension within the space, conjuring ideas of disaster and destruction by using structural fragments that are almost indiscernible. The artist will often cut into the gallery, twisting and breaking the walls, ceilings and floors, referencing artist Gordon Matta-Clark. Currently[…..]

Gerwald Rockenschaub

Gerwald Rockenschaub has been placed as one of the most internationally known Austrian artists working today. Since the early 1980s, the artist has created a complex array of works from computer animation to sculptural objects and painting. Continuity is found in the artist’s work through his reductive imagery and mix of architecture, discourse and design. The artist is also a well-known techno DJ, allowing his[…..]

Mike Giant

Artist Mike Giant has reached international acclaim recently for his versatile artistic ability that spans graffiti, design and tattoo. Giant was born in Upstate New York and grew up in New Mexico. After studying architecture, he moved to San Francisco to work for Think Skateboards. In 2002, Giant traveled to Tokyo with fellow artists Sam Flores and Bigfoot to exhibit in a show presented by[…..]