August, 2007

Foon Sham

The material and process-based sculptures of Foon Sham have spanned the past 20 years. The artist’s recent work relies on the principles of design, and some works have shifted from the previously abstract into newly recognizable forms, such as the house. During a residency in the mid-90s, Sham created “Houses at Night,” a work that formed as an intuitive response to the surrounding landscape. The[…..]

Peter Simensky

Brooklyn-based artist Peter Simensky‘s medium is money. By combining images from currency belonging to 50 failing world economies, he creates colorful collages that remain true to the scale of other notes. In 2005, Simensky partnered with the Swiss Institute to give his money/art buying power at the Armory Show in New York City where other galleries allowed pieces to be bought with what he calls[…..]

Sarah Sze

On Sept. 1, the Victoria Miro Gallery in London will present an exhibition of new works by New York-based artist Sarah Sze. As a continuation of the artist’s sculptural aesthetic, Sze has created several new ephemeral installations that use throw-away materials such as water bottles, office lights, thread and scrap wood. The artist’s sculptures are integrated into the gallery walls, floors and ceiling and are[…..]

David Batchelor

The artwork and writings of David Batchelor investigate the properties of color and how it operates outside of the functional realm, becoming a unique phenomenon all on its own. The artist is also interested in the symbolic meaning attached to color and how it affects those in its presence. Batchelor’s work often takes form as sculpture, using brilliant colors with fluorescent light, neon and plastics[…..]

Sarah Emerson

The paintings of Sarah Emerson use the violence and sadness of natural landscapes to provoke a sense of instability. Her muted paintings combine a variety of visual references, ranging from dead bucks and barren trees to abstract elements. Emerson’s paintings embrace honesty and uncertainty in a time that she believes is hardened by the disintegration of real emotional and literal landscapes. Her reference to natural[…..]

Anne Mathern

Opening just yesterday at Lawrimore Project in Seattle is “Anne Mathern — Moses Lake,” new photographs, film and a live installation. Along with the opening, Mathern presented a live installation and performance, featuring fantasy metal band DOOMHAWK. “Moses Lake” is the first solo exhibition at Lawrimore Project for the Seattle-based artist, and the show is centered on a cluster of small farm towns in Eastern[…..]

Dan Attoe

The work of Dan Attoe is often rooted in painting, but through recent projects and exhibits such as “Loaded, Nailed, Short on Cash,” Attoe has expanded his artistic vocabulary to encompass neon- and light box-based works created from his paintings. Attoe’s work employs a blue-collar, working man’s aesthetic, often featuring humorous text with serious undertones. Attoe, along with fellow artists Jamie Boling and Bill Donovan,[…..]