Marc Horowitz

Bay Area artist, entrepreneur and organizer Marc Horowitz gained national attention when he wrote “Dinner w/ Marc 510-872-7326,” his actual name and cell number, on a dry-erase board, which was published in a Crate & Barrel catalog. Soon after, calls poured in, and Horowitz began “The National Dinner Tour,” a traveling, dinner-eating, cross-country adventure. Since, the artist has produced several projects, including “The Errand Feasibility Study,” featuring Horowitz riding a mule in downtown San Francisco while doing various tasks such as making a bank deposit. After a short stint at the San Francisco Art Institute, Horowitz and long-time collaborator, Jon Brumit founded Sliv & Dulet Enterprises, a conceptual company dedicated to solving problems by creating products such as the “office in a tent” and services such as the fog removal initiative for the Golden Gate Bridge.