Dan Attoe


The work of Dan Attoe is often rooted in painting, but through recent projects and exhibits such as “Loaded, Nailed, Short on Cash,” Attoe has expanded his artistic vocabulary to encompass neon- and light box-based works created from his paintings. Attoe’s work employs a blue-collar, working man’s aesthetic, often featuring humorous text with serious undertones. Attoe, along with fellow artists Jamie Boling and Bill Donovan, founded and currently direct the collective Paintallica, with a proclaimed manifesto, “Don’t be fooled though, we don’t give a shit about your art, your politics or your whiny, black-horn rimmed, Prada-wearing ass. We are Paintallica.” The group usually begins their work with a drawing session, led by unstructured all-nighters of work, easily resulting in a completed exhibition by the morning. Attoe currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon, and has had several international solo exhibitions, including works with Peres Projects in Berlin and Los Angeles, Galleri Christina Wilson in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with 404 Arte Contemporanea in Naples, Italy.