Anne Mathern


Opening just yesterday at Lawrimore Project in Seattle is “Anne Mathern — Moses Lake,” new photographs, film and a live installation. Along with the opening, Mathern presented a live installation and performance, featuring fantasy metal band DOOMHAWK. “Moses Lake” is the first solo exhibition at Lawrimore Project for the

Seattle-based artist, and the show is centered on a cluster of small farm towns in Eastern Washington that have Greek and Hebrew-derived names but were originally inhabited and eventually stolen from Native Americans. The exhibition investigates the imposition of the cultural values embodied by one set of people upon another. Mathern received her BFA in photography from the University of Washington in 2004 and received several awards during her study, including the Marsh Scholarship and the UW Undergraduate Research Award for special projects. The artist also co-founded and currently acts as the managing director of Crawl Space, an artist-run gallery in Seattle. The artist has also exhibited with the King County Gallery 4 Culture in Seattle.