August, 2007

Chris Gentile

Coming Sept. 5 at the Jeff Bailey Gallery in New York are the photographs of Chris Gentile. Presented as allegories of his studio practice, the artist constructs lightning bolts, surfboards and lifeguard chairs that are meticulously cast in small scale and mixed with a variety of functional studio objects, such as plywood, saw horses and a trashcan. The combination of the important being symbolic and[…..]

Rachel Khedoori

Australian-born, Los Angeles-based artist Rachel Khedoori is currently presenting a group of new sculptures with Hauser & Wirth in Zurich that continues the artist’s examination of physical and metal space. Khedoori is able to achieve complex environments through the interlacing of architecture, sculpture and film. The combination of these elements allows the artist to experiment with physical and remembered space, provoking both subtly disturbing and[…..]

Ray Caesar

Opening next week at the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester, U.K., is “ipso facto,” the digital prints of artist Ray Caesar. The show will correspond with the artist’s first printed publication of collected works titled “Art Volume One.” Caesar now lives and works in Toronto, though he was born in the U.K. Before becoming a visual artist, he worked as an architect and then as[…..]

Jeremy Blake

The dreamlike, psychological investigation that is characteristic of artist Jeremy Blake‘s work has developed since his short film “Reading Ossie Clark” in 2003. Blake is well known for his DVDs, C-prints, paintings and drawings, all of which present visual narratives that are broken by psychedelic and hallucinogenic imagery. In 2002, the artist was invited by director Paul Thomas Anderson to create a digital series of[…..]

Days of Being Wild

“Days of Being Wild,” a three-person exhibition featuring artists Andy Kehoe, Kathleen Lolley and Evan B.Harris, opened yesterday at The Lab 101 Gallery in Los Angeles. Each artist brings a distinct yet cohesive aesthetic to the show, using elements of illustrative mysticism, fantasy and storybook narratives in darkly sparse landscapes. Kehoe, who lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pa., is a graduate of Parsons School of[…..]

Bruno Peinado

The anachronistic imagery found in much of the work of artist Bruno Peinado will be featured in an upcoming solo exhibition with Galerie Mitterrand + Sanz in Zurich called “Suicidal Tendencies.” For this exhibition, the artist has continued his investigation into cult-based imagery found in elements of contemporary society that are at once loaded for some and otherwise void for others. Peinado’s works are a[…..]


The opening reception of “Scion Presents: To The Masses” is curated by Giant Robot Magazine publisher/co-editor and owner, Eric Nakamura. The exhibition opens tomorrow tonight at 7 p.m. and is on view through Sept. 8 at the Scion Installation LA Gallery in Culver City, Calif. Artists from the U.S. include Caroline Hwang, Ben Woodward, Feric, Dan-ah Kim and Brian Ralph. From Japan: Eishi Takaoka and[…..]