Strange Magic


Five female artists working in the mediums of film and photography have been selected for the exhibition “Strange Magic,” on view now at the Luhring Augustine Gallery in New York City. While each of the artist’s ideas varies immensely, they are all unified through their interest in furthering the medium’s formal and expressionistic potential through collection, assembly and manipulation. The photographic works of Anne Collier (whose image is shown above), Liz Deschenes, Amy Granat, Eileen Quinlan and Sara VanDerBeek will be on view until July 28. A review posted in The New York Times Magazine today mentions the show as No. 3 in an article titled “An Afternoon in Chelsea-Which Shows Are Worth The Sweltering Slog?” The exhibition was curated by Natalia Mager Sacasa, director of the Luhring Augustine Gallery.