SABER is one of Los Angeles’ leading graffiti writers who had already developed wide notoriety for his omnipresence within the L.A. area when he created in 1997 the world’s largest illegal graffiti piece (a title which he still holds). The solo project was created on a sloping cement bank on the Los Angeles River and can be viewed from a satellite photo. The complete work took the artist 97 gallons of paint and 35 nights to create. The artist grew up in the Glendale, a suburb of Los Angeles, and was introduced to graffiti at age 13. Later, SABER joined the infamous graffiti crews AWR, MSK and The Seventh Letter and began creating public works both legal and illegal worldwide. SABER’s first solo exhibition, “Close Encounters,” is opening this weekend at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco along with a book signing for the artist’s new 168-page monograph, “Mad Society.” The book will be released by Gingko Press and has an in-store release date of Aug. 7.