July, 2007

Michelle Blade

Bay Area artist Michelle Blade creates paintings that deal with social hierarchy and its absence in times of group accomplishments. Moments of trust within peer groups are captured amid pools of color, all contained on large sheets of light and fragile paper. By capturing ideas and activities held within a collective conscious, Blade is able to highlight a society’s failures and triumphs as it strives[…..]


New York City-born artist KR has revolutionized traditional elements of graffiti and street art by placing his primary focus on the process. KR moved from New York City to San Francisco in the ’90s to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. With three primary areas of focus — application, documentation and material — KR became a dominant influence on the Bay Area graffiti scene. The[…..]

Jan Braumer & Philipp Moll

Artists Jan Braumer and Philipp Moll are presenting new works in “Noetik,” an exhibition at the Galerie Emmanuel Post in Leipzig, Germany. The exhibition, which is on view through August, features painting and installation from the artists. The paintings of Braumer depict interiors that are rendered from fragmented memories that incorporate a false use of lighting and place an emphasis on artificiality and the absence[…..]

Handcrafted Optimism

Within the current exhibition “Handcrafted Optimism” at the Tony Wight Body Builder and Sportsman Gallery in Chicago is the work of three young abstract painters — Daniel Hesidence, Aliza Nisenbaum and Eric Sall. The exhibit, which is curated by John Henderson, an artist and recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, focuses primarily on the artists’ attention and exploration of the[…..]

Matt Greene

In a recent exhibition with the Peres Projects in Los Angeles, artist Matt Greene presented new works that addressed the feminist identity and the inherent possibilities of a male painter creating work centered on feminine qualities. The exhibition was titled “The Defenders of the Reality” and featured appropriated images of women in sexual poses, overlaid in a field of each other. While these images could[…..]

Shepard Fairey

Currently on view at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City is “E Pluribus Venom,” a solo exhibition featuring new works by California-based artist Shepard Fairey. Fairey, who is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Art and Design, gained much notoriety even before attending school for his iconic renderings and street campaigns of former wrestler Andre the Giant. The title “E Pluribus Venom” translates[…..]


New York City-based artist SWOON creates fantastical cityscapes that are delicately rendered through cut paper and often posted publicly on the streets of New York. In the above video, the artist presents her work as part of this year’s “Conversations with Contemporary Artists” series at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. SWOON introduced herself to New York by covering the city’s streets[…..]