July, 2007

Chris Burden

In a current exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, world-renowned conceptual artist Chris Burden is presenting the new show “Yin Yang,” which explores ideas inherent in the complementary principles of duality. The artist, who has a longstanding obsession with machines, motor vehicles and ready-mades, has chosen a 1973 Lotus Europa sports car and an International T6 crawler Bulldozer from his private collection to[…..]


SABER is one of Los Angeles’ leading graffiti writers who had already developed wide notoriety for his omnipresence within the L.A. area when he created in 1997 the world’s largest illegal graffiti piece (a title which he still holds). The solo project was created on a sloping cement bank on the Los Angeles River and can be viewed from a satellite photo. The complete work[…..]

Heino Schmid

The video and photographic documentation of Bahamian-born artist Heino Schmid is derived from the artist’s own experiences and immediate environment. By incorporating and recontextualizing found materials, Schmid is able to question the inherent conflicts of social and personal boundaries and how divisions are created by these conflicts. Often, the artist uses elements of performance, which allows the work to contain a distinct narrative. Elements of[…..]

David Stephenson

David Stephenson’s large-format color photography exhibition “Drawing Time” explored the passage of time within the environment. Representations of the passing natural processes, including human actions of forestry, mining and residential development, mark the environment’s instabilities because of competing value systems. Stephenson’s newest body of work, “Vaults,” is set to open at the Julie Saul Galley Sept. 6. Working the past three years, the artist has[…..]

Scion Installation Art Tour

Opening today at the Heaven Gallery in Chicago is the fourth-annual Scion Installation Art Tour exhibition titled “It’s A Beautiful World.” This year includes new works based around the show’s theme from more than 30 featured artists nationally, such as James Jean, Dalek and Jeff Soto, whose image is above. The exhibition, which will be featured countrywide in nine cities, kicks off this weekend and[…..]

Asma Ahmed Shikoh

Pakistani-born artist Asma Ahmed Shikoh grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, in a society constrained by tradition that was later subjected to rapid changes because of the impact of globalization. The artist uses mixed media to combine popular icons, cityscapes and social issues. When American fast food had just arrived in Pakistan, McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken became icons in the imagery of her artwork, taxing[…..]

Si Jae Byun

On view now at the Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, S.C., is “Tentacle House,” new works by Korean artist Si Jae Byun. Byun was the 2007 artist in residence with Redux, completing the program only five days ago. The work of Byun often revolves around the artist’s childhood experiences, focusing on inner conflict from social experiences, which are communicated to the viewer through the[…..]