July, 2007

Delphine Courtillot

In a recent solo exhibition at the Jack Tilton Gallery, French artist Delphine Courtillot created a series of new paintings, gouache on paper, that highlight the fantastic within the ordinary. This was the Amsterdam-based artist’s first solo exhibition in New York City, and she presented all-night scenes that were derived from her own carefully staged photography, often containing somewhat mystical characters such as maids and[…..]

Strange Magic

Five female artists working in the mediums of film and photography have been selected for the exhibition “Strange Magic,” on view now at the Luhring Augustine Gallery in New York City. While each of the artist’s ideas varies immensely, they are all unified through their interest in furthering the medium’s formal and expressionistic potential through collection, assembly and manipulation. The photographic works of Anne Collier[…..]

Gregory Euclide

The OKOK Gallery in Seattle is currently presenting “I Have Been Remembering: Half-Lives & Half-Truths,” new works that include a site-specific installation by Minneapolis-based artist Gregory Euclide. The exhibition is a continuation of the artist’s interest in the implicit psychological layers of landscape and included a live sound performance and composition by Kamran Sadeghi on opening night. The exhibit also contains hundreds of one-inch drawings[…..]


Gelitin, the Austrian-based group of four collaborative artists, is participating in the group show “Das Hamsterrad” (the hamster wheel) this year at the Venice Biennale. For the exhibition, Gelitin built a wooden construction of embracing arches that tower in the gallery space. A smaller and slightly less complicated version of the structure was also presented this year with a performance called “Bunter Abend” at Deitch[…..]

Bring the War Home

“Bring the War Home” is an exhibition presented by QED in Los Angeles and the Elizabeth Dee Gallery in New York, organized by Drew Heitzler, artist and co-founder of Champion Fine Art, a two-year gallery project of 21 artist-curated exhibitions. The title of the exhibition not only refers to the current military situation in Iraq and abroad but goes further to reveal truths about the[…..]

Rashid Johnson

Currently on view at the James Harris Gallery in Seattle is “Dark Matters,” new works by Rashid Johnson. The artist creates work through a variety of different media such as photography, video, sculpture and painting, all centered on ideas of race, identity and sexuality found in contemporary culture. For “Dark Matters,” the artist is exhibiting the large-scale photographs of a nude white woman that hangs[…..]

Matt Phillips

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