Matt Greene


In a recent exhibition with the Peres Projects in Los Angeles, artist Matt Greene presented new works that addressed the feminist identity and the inherent possibilities of a male painter creating work centered on feminine qualities. The exhibition was titled “The Defenders of the Reality” and featured appropriated images of women in sexual poses, overlaid in a field of each other. While these images could quickly be pegged as a byproduct of an overactive male gaze, the viewer will find, upon closer investigation, that the artist is recreating a collective conscious that’s filtered through the eyes of 20th-century psychologists and filmmakers. This is Greene’s fifth exhibition with the Peres Projects, spanning a period of four years. This year, the artist will be featured in “Eden’s Edge,” curated by Gary Garrels at the Armand Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, and in a solo exhibition at the Deitch Projects in New York City. Greene has been featured in Art Forum, I-D and Flash Art. The artist has an upcoming exhibition with the Peres Projects in Athens, Greece, titled “Gravity’s Rainbow.”