New York City-born artist KR has revolutionized traditional elements of graffiti and street art by placing his primary focus on the process. KR moved from New York City to San Francisco in the ’90s to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. With three primary areas of focus — application, documentation and material — KR became a dominant influence on the Bay Area graffiti scene. The artist invented and patented his own form of ink called “KRINK,” which is now sold internationally and is renowned for its opaque silver color and its ability to drip like no other ink. Recently at Eyebeam, an art and technology center in New York City that promotes digital research and experimentation and contains the Graffiti Research Lab, KR presented “Open City, tools for public action,” a painting performance and installation that demonstrated KR’s infamous techniques. The artist is affiliated with the Wooster Collective and was featured in the book “The Art of Getting Over” by artist Stephen Powers, also known as ESPO.