Jan Braumer & Philipp Moll


Artists Jan Braumer and Philipp Moll are presenting new works in “Noetik,” an exhibition at the Galerie Emmanuel Post in Leipzig, Germany. The exhibition, which is on view through August, features painting and installation from the artists. The paintings of Braumer depict interiors that are rendered from fragmented memories that incorporate a false use of lighting and place an emphasis on artificiality and the absence of humans. The installations of Moll are constructed out of simple materials that are formed into hut-like shapes and a variety of other forms that express their reluctance to be discarded. Moll’s work also calls into question ideas of imperfection, cliche and falsification. Both artists were born in 1970 in Nuremberg, Germany, and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. Braumer received a scholarship from the Cite des Arts in Paris (2003) and has exhibited four times in LICHTFELD in Basel, Switzerland. Moll co-founded the Kulturvereins Winterstein e.V., and received a scholarship from the Bavarian Ministry of State for Science, Research and the Arts in 2005.