Gregory Euclide


The OKOK Gallery in Seattle is currently presenting “I Have Been Remembering: Half-Lives & Half-Truths,” new works that include a site-specific installation by Minneapolis-based artist Gregory Euclide. The exhibition is a continuation of the artist’s interest in the implicit psychological layers of landscape and included a live sound performance and composition by Kamran Sadeghi on opening night. The exhibit also contains hundreds of one-inch drawings made from memory during the artist’s trip from Minneapolis to Seattle. The circular drawings are each installed behind a single piece of bubble wrap and then displayed across the gallery walls, eventually breaking down and spreading across the floors. Additional pieces of bubble wrap are injected with water from Euclide’s paintings and various other outside sources. Next year, the artist will receive his M.F.A. from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Recently, Euclide was featured in New American Paintings‘ Midwest Competition, which was curated by Elizabeth Dunbar, the curator of Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. OKOK Gallery conducted an interview with the artist that discusses the ideas and processes of his new work.