Delphine Courtillot

Delphine-Courtillot-7 24-07.gif

In a recent solo exhibition at the Jack Tilton Gallery, French artist Delphine Courtillot created a series of new paintings, gouache on paper, that highlight the fantastic within the ordinary. This was the Amsterdam-based artist’s first solo exhibition in New York City, and she presented all-night scenes that were derived from her own carefully staged photography, often containing somewhat mystical characters such as maids and nuns. The artist allows the camera to possess authorship over the final painting, in that the artist’s marks are driven solely on the information captured in the photo. Coutillot was born in Paris in 1972, and she studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. The artist has been included in other galleries and exhibitions in the U.S., including works with the Roberts and Tilton Gallery in Los Angeles and The Armory Show in NYC (both 2005). Courtillot has recently completed several international residencies, including the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen, China, and the United Sardines Factories in Bergen, Norway.