Bring the War Home


“Bring the War Home” is an exhibition presented by QED in Los Angeles and the Elizabeth Dee Gallery in New York, organized by Drew Heitzler, artist and co-founder of Champion Fine Art, a two-year gallery project of 21 artist-curated exhibitions. The title of the exhibition not only refers to the current military situation in Iraq and abroad but goes further to reveal truths about the current social, political and economic state of affairs that drive the art world. The purchasing of art is a luxury and is most often held by an elite concentration of patrons, who, by default, benefit from President Bush’s tax cuts and the luxury of life in the top income bracket. As a result of an art world dominated by market concerns, many shows are thought to be too conservative and safe and are actually self-censored by the artists themselves as a means of achieving greater sales. The artists chosen for this exhibition understand the paradoxical position from which they operate and carefully consider art created for profit and art made for the uncompromising idea. Countless artists will present new work in both exhibitions that investigates these ideas, including Craig Kalpakjian, whose image is shown above.