July, 2007

Josiah McElheny

On March 22, artist Josiah McElheny presented a lecture at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City called “Artists and Models” to discuss his investigation of models and how they operate in relation to sculptural thought rather than direct function or information. McElheny is interested in the idea of a model as an “aesthetical utopia that could never be built.” In a[…..]

Shannon Wright

The recent silk-screened wallpaper works of artist Shannon Wright depict a healthy human urinary tract. The series was inspired by a comment made by one of the artist’s friends: “You should really make art about your hypochondria. You’ve got a gold mine there.” The artist has been exploring systems, diagrams and the phenomena that they attempt to represent through a range of media during the[…..]

Noah Wilson

The photographic process employed by California-based artist Noah Wilson includes traditional gelatin mono-print photography with direct applications of charcoal. The artist’s main interest lies in the process of development and the possibility and interpretation of uncertainty. Wilson illustrates feelings of tension, isolation and the unknown by rendering portions of a scene, while allowing the remaining sections to be ambiguous and undetermined. The work provides questions[…..]

Kevin Cooley

The landscape photography of artist Kevin Cooley often examines two types of environments: the frozen and the suburban. Many of Cooley’s frozen landscapes are captured in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, an archipelago of Norway. The artist also completed a series of photographs near airports such as Los Angeles (LAX), which illustrate glowing streaks cast in the dark night sky, created by planes taking off and landing. The[…..]

Vincent Johnson

The recent works of Los Angeles-based artist Vincent Johnson expound upon his research of the American Cold War Civil Air Defense Program. Johnson focuses on forms related to the mechanics of this period. For example, the artist has a new site-specific sculptural installation currently on view at LAXART in Los Angeles called “Civil Air Defense Project #1.” For this installation, Johnson took the form of[…..]

Dimitri A. Kozyrev

In the recent “Lost Edge” series, artist Dimitri A. Kozyrev experiments with fragmenting, constructing and rearranging pictorial space. The artist says that the abstracted series is a contemplation on the Avant-garde artists of the early twentieth century Soviet Union, such as Malevich, Rodchenko and Lissitzky. The artist explores the role of these artists and uses the events of that time period to better understand the[…..]

Michael Paige Glover

Dysfunctional Americana that uses familiar imagery to tell stories is how Michael Paige Glover describes his new body of work. Glover uses adults and children that are placed against backgrounds of anarchy, destruction and uncertain imagery that he relates to past memories and self-awareness. Pulling inspiration from ’20s to ’50s photos, films, magazines and personal photographs, the artist spends months combining, arranging and decoding metaphors[…..]