Whitney Bedford


Boats in the night, capsized and drifting are typical scenes painted by Los Angeles-based artist Whitney Bedford. With the horizon being swallowed completely by the sea, Bedford’s paintings seem to act as a metaphor for the contemporary squall of the turbulently political and social world that we live in today. The artist is said to have stated that “it is the paint itself that sinks the images,” rather than the ocean or storm that occupies the work. These paintings can be seen as contemporary renditions of the romanticized works by nineteenth century painter J.M.W. Turner, offering a more aggressive view of the sublime. The turbulence contained in the work can also be seen as a struggle between abstraction and representation that dominates the picture plane in each of her paintings. Bedford has exhibited internationally with recent shows, including works with infamous Wrong Gallery in New York, the Fulbright-Kommission in Berlin, Germany, and Art:Concept in Paris, France. Notable group exhibitions for the artist include “Wunderkammer 2″ at Nina Menocal in Mexico City and “Rogue Wave” with L.A. Louver in Los Angeles.