Sebastian Gogel


German artist Sebastian Gogel recently opened an exhibition titled “Welcome to the Sculpture Club” at Galerie Emmanuel Post in Leipzig, Germany. The artist has become renowned for his creative resourcefulness, successfully employing drawing, painting, sculpture and large scale installation to realize his ideas. Gogel’s work is saturated in dark humor and self-critique, and his anthropomorphous, sometimes grotesque works reflect a transfiguration of self. The artist often collaborates with Paule Hammer, a fellow student from the Leipzig Academy of Visual Art (see this previous DS feature), creating works under the name “Hagel.” Gogel constantly challenges the limitations and feasibility of art, which is reflected in the multitude of approaches used to execute his concepts. The artist currently lives and works in Leipzig, Germany, and has exhibited widely in the U.S. and Europe. Recent exhibitions include “FLUCH” with the Gallery Adler in New York and “Dance on the dancefloor” presented as “Hagel” at the Chung King Project in Los Angeles. Currently, the artist is exhibiting works in the Gemeente Museum in Den Haag, The Netherlands.