Sabine Hornig


German-born artist Sabine Hornig re-contextualizes architectural structures by rebuilding and abstracting her materials. The artist’s work has no boundaries between public and private space, as she often covers her entire piece with stucco to remove any reference from the original function and placement. In addition to large sculptures, the artist creates large-format photographs of architectural elements that are usually overlooked because of their intrinsic blandness, though they also act as a visual vocabulary for place and bring attention to the trivial. The artist studied fine arts at the UdK Berlin with David Evison and Isa Genzken and will be exhibiting this month with Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art in Lisboa, Portugal. Other recent exhibitions include “Geblide” at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York City and “Raum mit grobem Fenster” with Berlinische Galerie in Berlin. In 1999, Hornig received a PS1 grant and has appeared in numerous international publications, including an article and review in Artforum.