Ryan Wallace


Brooklyn-based artist Ryan Wallace is currently exhibiting in “Cascading Debris,” a group exhibition, at the OK OK Gallery in Seattle. Wallace, who is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Art and Design (RISD), has gained much notoriety for his seemingly narrative paintings that are loaded with symbolism and references to contemporary culture and experience. The artist has said that his works act “autonomously and as a whole, suggesting each piece as a segment or selection lifted from a larger landscape or longer timeline,” allowing for a greater possible narrative to exist outside of the information provided within the painting. In 2004, Wallace exhibited “Carpe Cras,” which translates to “Seize Tomorrow,” a collaborative exhibition with fellow artist Andrew Shoultz, a previous DS feature, at the Black Market Gallery in Culver City, Calif. Wallace has exhibited works at the Sara Nightingale Gallery in Watermill, New York, and has participated in group exhibitions such as “We are near” at the Allston Skirt Gallery in Boston and “A Piece Apart” at the Aidan Savoy Gallery in New York City. Wallace has also appeared in numerous publications, including Artweek and Tokion magazines.