June, 2007

Heidi Zumbrun

Bay-area photographer Heidi Zumbrun’s work emphasizes form and scale through a lack of information in the image. Her work has many associations with no clear explanation, perplexing the viewer through texture, scale and color. Zumbrun creates mysterious scenes that explore visceral, skin-like textures, yet resemble strangely placed pods in otherworldly landscapes. Her previous work has dealt with the complexities of medical ambiguity, and this interest[…..]

Rachel Owens

The work of artist Rachel Owens acts as a metaphor to examine contemporary societal and governmental issues within the United States and its activities abroad. Last year, for an exhibition with ZieherSmith in New York City, the artist recreated a mythical fox-hunt in sculpture, complete with dogs, a rider, trophy heads and drawings made directly on The New York Times‘ articles. The fox-hunt is a[…..]

Ryan Wallace

Brooklyn-based artist Ryan Wallace is currently exhibiting in “Cascading Debris,” a group exhibition, at the OK OK Gallery in Seattle. Wallace, who is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Art and Design (RISD), has gained much notoriety for his seemingly narrative paintings that are loaded with symbolism and references to contemporary culture and experience. The artist has said that his works act “autonomously[…..]

Jules de Balincourt

The paintings of French-born artist Jules de Balincourt are saturated with Americana references. The artist was raised on the West Coast and was immensely influenced by contemporary culture in America. In the “U.S. World Studies” series, de Balincourt uses the American map, dividing and re-attributing the state divisions to form a new layout of the United States. Other works reference graphics appropriated from 1940’s Hollywood[…..]

Chris Berens

Dutch artist Chris Berens is currently presenting new work in an exhibition titled “The Heaven Show” at the Jaski Gallery in Amsterdam. This marks the artist’s third show with the gallery since his 2005 career-launching exhibition. Berens uses a polar landscape filled with symbolic creatures that resemble the polar bear, penguin and lady bird that are all in existence to guide and protect the viewer[…..]

Sebastian Gogel

German artist Sebastian Gogel recently opened an exhibition titled “Welcome to the Sculpture Club” at Galerie Emmanuel Post in Leipzig, Germany. The artist has become renowned for his creative resourcefulness, successfully employing drawing, painting, sculpture and large scale installation to realize his ideas. Gogel’s work is saturated in dark humor and self-critique, and his anthropomorphous, sometimes grotesque works reflect a transfiguration of self. The artist[…..]

Banks Violette

With a recent investigation into the dark side of life, contemporary art and culture magazine Beautiful/Decay has appropriately chosen artist Banks Violette for an article in its current issue. Violette uses such dark material as death metal, ritual murder and teenage suicide as points of departure for his slick and ghostly sculptures and installations. His aesthetics probe into American culture and are used as a[…..]