June, 2007

Cory Arcangel

New media artist Cory Arcangel creates digital-based works that investigate the relationship between technology, art and contemporary culture. Arcangel predominantly creates work through computer programming that uses traditional applications of game coding. The artist originally obtained a degree in music technology but began subversive manipulation of vintage video game systems, such as Nintendo, by hacking the game and revamping obsolete computer systems from previous decades.[…..]

David Ellis

Brooklyn-based artist David Ellis creates work that is influenced by hip-hop culture and traditional elements of graffiti. The artist moved to New York to work in the music video business. However, he soon ended that career and began to develop Barnstormers, a group of some of the most prominent and well-respected graffiti, street and mural artists working in the U.S. today. Ellis has gained much[…..]

Wolfgang Laib

During the next two months, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac will present a comprehensive solo exhibition by internationally renowned artist Wolfgang Laib. Titled “Where are you going,” Laib’s new exhibition continues much of the artist’s exploration into the materials of pollen, milk, rice, wax and marble within the forms of cones, rectangles and stairs. Laib is less concerned with innovation and new discoveries within his practice and[…..]

Phoebe Washburn

The massive, low-tech sculptures of New York-based artist Phoebe Washburn are composed of thousands of individual recycled units that are constructed together to create a unified, room-sized structure. The artist draws inspirations from signs of progress often found in construction sites, such as stacks of bricks and bags of concrete or sand. Of particular interest to Washburn are found elements of improvised architecture on construction[…..]

Thomas Zipp

The work of Thomas Zipp explores a wide range of cultural references that suggest playful inventions and contemporary experimentation. The artist’s aesthetic underscores the potential for maliciousness within new technology while employing a playful humor that aids to offset the weight of his images. Often stemming from the subconscious landscape of the artist’s dreams, the images and ideas of Zipp reinforce the illogical pursuit of[…..]

Lisa Sanditz

The paintings of New York-based artist Lisa Sanditz explore the dynamic relationship between natural and artificial landscapes, focusing on how individuals experience these spaces. Sanditz travels throughout the U.S. documenting and reconstructing images from commercial environments such as malls, parking lots and suburbs. The artist often combines formal modernist painting techniques with new and innovative approaches to the medium, infusing realism with abstraction. Sanditz is[…..]

Scott Treleaven

Canadian artist, writer and filmmaker Scott Treleaven initially became well known for his 2002 short cult film “The Salivation Army,” depicting the activities of a gang of radical sub-culture youth. Since, the artist has gained much notoriety for a range of other artistic endeavors, including his college and photographic works, which have been exhibited across the U.S. Treleaven appeared in the recent issue “S” of[…..]