June, 2007

Sean Landers

Sean Landers’ work is known for its risky experimentation that allows the artist to expose his process of creation. Although the work avoids consistency in a particular medium or style, Landers’ work acts as a self-portrait that relies on influences of contemporary culture that’s often revealed through text. His most recent exhibition with the Andrea Rosen Gallery consists of only text-based paintings that build up[…..]

Susan Dory

Artist Susan Dory creates formalist paintings that often investigate memory, private life and the notion of sentimentality through the application of color. Her paintings are characteristically minimal, employing elements of repetition and restraint. The artist is interested in how color evokes certain emotions and how colors can be manipulated to elicit certain psychological responses. This year, Dory exhibited “New Paintings” with Winston Wachter Fine Art[…..]

Bernhard Willhelm

Breaking all the rules in fashion and design, Bernhard Willhelm, a German native residing in Belgium, uses colors, volumes and themes that challenge labeling. In 1999, Willhelm started with womenswear, an assemblage that premiered at fashion shows in Paris. The designer fashioned his first collection of menswear in 2000, which he didn’t allow the public to view until 2003’s Menswear Fashion Week. Other accomplishments include[…..]

J. Bennett Fitts

Emerging artist J. Bennett Fitts began his cultural development as a skateboarder and photographer of that world. His concentrated focus is set on a place where undemanding materials go from being simple objects to necessities of life. The binding elements in Fitts’ photographs are created by taking substances produced for one purpose and making them into something entirely different. In his most recent series, “No[…..]

Wang Qingsong

Chinese painter and photographer Wang Qingsong was born in Heilongjiang Province, China, and now lives in Beijing. His photographs are large, elaborate, tableaux in style and tend to make witty references to the impact of globalization and modernization in China. In addition, they make references to elements of art history. Qingsong describes his work as “Kitschy, but powerful… Contradictory, but critical” (Art Info). By being[…..]

Mihara Yasuhiro

Japanese artist and fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro challenges the boundaries of fashion and sports in both design and execution. Yasuhiro, who is also known as Miharayasuhiro, recently released a collector’s book in conjunction with PUMA that showcases four Japanese artists who have all been influenced by the PUMA Mihara footwear collection. PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro began in 2000 with the launch of a sneaker collection,[…..]

Sabine Hornig

German-born artist Sabine Hornig re-contextualizes architectural structures by rebuilding and abstracting her materials. The artist’s work has no boundaries between public and private space, as she often covers her entire piece with stucco to remove any reference from the original function and placement. In addition to large sculptures, the artist creates large-format photographs of architectural elements that are usually overlooked because of their intrinsic blandness,[…..]