Heidi Zumbrun


Bay-area photographer Heidi Zumbrun’s work emphasizes form and scale through a lack of information in the image. Her work has many associations with no clear explanation, perplexing the viewer through texture, scale and color. Zumbrun creates mysterious scenes that explore visceral, skin-like textures, yet resemble strangely placed pods in otherworldly landscapes. Her previous work has dealt with the complexities of medical ambiguity, and this interest is carried over into her new anthropomorphic work that continues to challenge the need for a clarified meaning. Zumbrun is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute (1994) and the University of California, Santa Barbara (1987). Her work is currently exhibited with the Stephen Wirtz Gallery in San Francisco. Zumbrun’s recent solo shows include the Edward Mitterrand Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland (2004), the Ariel Meyerowitz Gallery in New York (2002) and the Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta (2002).