Gonzalo Puch

Spanish artist Gonzalo Puch is a native of Sevilla and currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain. The auto-photography, video and performance of the artist are rooted in academics such as math, science, music, biology, physics and environmental studies. Puch demands the environment to be valued in order to ensure the survival of art as a whole. The artist stages and develops a series of videos and photographs related to survival and the human life cycle. In what would seem an exaggerated way to approach photography and artmaking, Puch’s work comes in direct conflict with the landscape and with nature itself. Through this process, the artist is able to express the idea that man’s destruction of nature will lead to or cause the death of art, showing that art can’t exist without nature. The artist currently teaches at the University in Cuenca and is represented by Julie Saul Gallery in New York City. Puch has been reviewed in The New York Times and has more videos posted on youtube.com.