David Ellis


Brooklyn-based artist David Ellis creates work that is influenced by hip-hop culture and traditional elements of graffiti. The artist moved to New York to work in the music video business. However, he soon ended that career and began to develop Barnstormers, a group of some of the most prominent and well-respected graffiti, street and mural artists working in the U.S. today. Ellis has gained much notoriety for his live motion paintings that are often filmed and created to music. Music is pivotal to the artist’s creative process and influences his imagery, sculptures and production. Many of the artist’s works are painted directly on the gallery walls or onto buses, vans and cars. Many of his mechanical works are driven by small computers and beat-making devices that are controlled by impressions written onto vinyl records. The computers cause mallets to bang on a variety of items such as oil cans, cymbals and drums. The artist has exhibited throughout the country, including recent shows at the Red Gallery in Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, and at the Jessica Murray Projects in New York City. The artist recently appeared with a full interview in the art and contemporary culture magazine Juxtapoz.