Cris Bruch


Cris Bruch is an artist who resists being categorized as a particular type of creator. Bruch moves effortlessly among the mediums of paper, steel, wood, glass, clay, sound and light, only maintaining the consistency of quality and craftsmanship. The artist’s work does not develop in a linear way, allowing him to leave a particular path, which can emerge in later works. Opening yesterday, the Lawrimore Projects in Seattle is currently celebrating 20 years of the artist’s work with the exhibition “How Did I Get Here.” Among newly constructed pieces such as “Sketchbook,” viewers will find a surprising mix of other prominent works within the exhibition. Bruch’s process-oriented pieces remain conceptual in nature, as the artist investigates the repetitive actions that consume our lives and help to identify us as individuals. The final presentation of each piece is a testimony to the laborious acts employed for creation. Bruch received his degree from the University of Kansas (1980) and his MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1986). The artist has been exhibited nationally, including recent exhibitions “Duty Cycle” at the Boise Art Museum in Idaho and “Dreaming, Doing, Craving” at the Salt Lake Art Center in Utah. The artist has been a design consultant for the Seattle Metro Monorail and has received awards and residencies from the Behnke Foundation in Seattle and the Djerassi Foundation in Woodside, Calif.