Cory Arcangel


New media artist Cory Arcangel creates digital-based works that investigate the relationship between technology, art and contemporary culture. Arcangel predominantly creates work through computer programming that uses traditional applications of game coding. The artist originally obtained a degree in music technology but began subversive manipulation of vintage video game systems, such as Nintendo, by hacking the game and revamping obsolete computer systems from previous decades. The artist will subtly change the graphics of games, such as in the piece “Super Mario Clouds,” where Arcangel erased everything in the game except the clouds that are programmed to slowly glide across the sky. The artist’s imagery is nostalgically appropriated, simultaneously challenging the future of digital manipulation and elements of a cultural past. Arcangel has exhibited work in the 2004 Biennial at The Whitney Museum of American Art as well as at LISTE, The Young Art Fair, in Basel, Switzerland. Also in 2004, the artist exhibited in The Armory Show with Team Gallery, followed by a solo exhibit at the Migros Museum in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2005. The artist has been featured in exhibits in the Guggenheim Museum and the MoMA in New York City and gave a lecture at Columbia University about his practice within technology and arts.