Brian Ulrich


The large-scale photographs of Brian Ulrich embody a distanced awareness to usually familiar environments. Encouraged by the response to the Bush Administration’s call to citizens to strengthen the economy through shopping in 2001, Ulrich created the ongoing “Copia” series that offers an acute look at life in commercial settings. “Copia” not only explores the everyday activities of shopping, but also the economic, cultural, social and political implications of commercialism and the roles played in self-destruction and over-consumption, as well as those played by marketing and advertising. His imagery is made of personal moments in public spaces that are essentially enclosed virtual worlds, such as big-box retailers and thrift stores. The artist received a photography degree from the University of Akron and a photography Master’s from Columbia College in Chicago. He teaches photography, Web design and visual literacy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College. Ulrich is also a frequent contributor to Adbusters Magazine. The artist is represented by Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago, Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco and Julie Saul Gallery in New York.