Banks Violette

With a recent investigation into the dark side of life, contemporary art and culture magazine Beautiful/Decay has appropriately chosen artist Banks Violette for an article in its current issue. Violette uses such dark material as death metal, ritual murder and teenage suicide as points of departure for his slick and ghostly sculptures and installations. His aesthetics probe into American culture and are used as a commentary on the anxiety of youth. Violette blurs the boundaries between reality and pure fiction as he recreates the landscape of the teenage mind. The artist has selected contemporary music lyrics that have instigated violence and destruction amongst youth and attributed these lyrics to sculptures and installations that visually incite a similar or opposite emotive response. The artist has used salt to cast the music equipment from rock band Sunn O and has used disassembled forms such as a coffin as a relic of past performances and as an icon of aggressive subcultures. Violette received his BFA from the School of the Visual Arts (SVA) in New York (1998) and is an MFA graduate from Columbia University (2000), also in New York. The artist has exhibited extensively in New York City, including shows with Team Gallery and Whitney Museum of American Art. European exhibitions for the artist include works with the Galerie Rodolphe Janssen in Brussels and LISTE in Basel, Switzerland.