Amir H. Fallah

Los Angeles-based artist Amir H. Fallah will be exhibiting in this year’s Rogue Wave ’07 exhibition at L.A. Louver Gallery, which opens with an artist reception this evening. This will be the third exhibition in the Rogue Wave series, which examines work currently being made by artists in Los Angeles through the media of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, installation and conceptual art. For the exhibition, Fallah will present three new large-scale paintings, six photographs and a large two-tiered Terrarium Fort in the gallery. The artist, who is also the founder and creative director of art and culture magazine Beautiful/Decay, will be offering limited-edition ‘zines at the opening that accompany his other work in the exhibition. Fallah will be exhibiting alongside other Los Angeles-based artists such as sculptor Joshua Callaghan and new media artist Osman Khan, who will present an interactive piece investigating identity and communication. Fallah has exhibited internationally, including a recent exhibition with the Third Line Gallery in Dubai. Later this year, the artist will present a solo exhibition with RHYS Gallery in Boston.