June, 2007

Gonzalo Puch

Spanish artist Gonzalo Puch is a native of Sevilla and currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain. The auto-photography, video and performance of the artist are rooted in academics such as math, science, music, biology, physics and environmental studies. Puch demands the environment to be valued in order to ensure the survival of art as a whole. The artist stages and develops a series of[…..]

Brian Ulrich

The large-scale photographs of Brian Ulrich embody a distanced awareness to usually familiar environments. Encouraged by the response to the Bush Administration’s call to citizens to strengthen the economy through shopping in 2001, Ulrich created the ongoing “Copia” series that offers an acute look at life in commercial settings. “Copia” not only explores the everyday activities of shopping, but also the economic, cultural, social and[…..]

Amir H. Fallah

Los Angeles-based artist Amir H. Fallah will be exhibiting in this year’s Rogue Wave ’07 exhibition at L.A. Louver Gallery, which opens with an artist reception this evening. This will be the third exhibition in the Rogue Wave series, which examines work currently being made by artists in Los Angeles through the media of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, installation and conceptual art. For the[…..]

Whitney Bedford

Boats in the night, capsized and drifting are typical scenes painted by Los Angeles-based artist Whitney Bedford. With the horizon being swallowed completely by the sea, Bedford’s paintings seem to act as a metaphor for the contemporary squall of the turbulently political and social world that we live in today. The artist is said to have stated that “it is the paint itself that sinks[…..]

Jill Greenberg

Artist Jill Greenberg inspired much controversy for her body of work “End Times,” featuring stylized, hyper-real portraits of toddlers. The artist created a variety of joylessly contorted facial expressions by offering the children candy and suddenly taking it away from them. The pieces were constructed to reflect Greenberg’s frustration with the Bush administration and Christian fundamentalism in the United States (wikipedia.org). Greenberg was born in[…..]

Cris Bruch

Cris Bruch is an artist who resists being categorized as a particular type of creator. Bruch moves effortlessly among the mediums of paper, steel, wood, glass, clay, sound and light, only maintaining the consistency of quality and craftsmanship. The artist’s work does not develop in a linear way, allowing him to leave a particular path, which can emerge in later works. Opening yesterday, the Lawrimore[…..]

Shaun O'Dell

The paintings and drawings of Stanford University graduate Shaun O’Dell are rooted in autobiographical and historical narratives. The artist employs a complex iconography to investigate ideas of imperialism and nationalism as well as racism and environmental blunders that are often associated with America’s governing parties and social elite. Some of the visual icons found in the work are buffalos, bald eagles, liberty bells and skulls,[…..]