Tauba Auerbach


Bay Area artist Tauba Auerbach is currently exhibiting new text-based works at the Jack Hanley Gallery in San Francisco. Auerbach investigates semantic systems, playfully combining letters to create new meanings, while challenging the limitations of typography and language. Employing elements of hard-edged abstraction, the artist is able to use her experiences as a sign painter to explore the function of lettering and text in society, insightfully inquiring into the meaning of the seemingly random shapes of the alphabet. Auerbach often uses eye charts, binary systems and elementary design to reveal the extensional functions of language. The artist is a graduate of Stanford University in San Francisco (2003) and was featured in her first New York City solo exhibition this past fall at the Deitch Projects. Auerbach, a previous DailyServing feature, also received a review in Artforum for her San Francisco exhibition this month.