Shi Xinning


Chinese-artist Shi Xinning creates paintings that reference social realism through iconic figures from history. The artist renders the images as they are found in their original format, in sepia tone or from newspapers in black and white. Shi then alters the paintings by falsely inserting prominent Chinese cultural figures such as Mao Zedong at the table of pivotal Western leaders. This placement allows the artist to investigate the historical dynamics of both the East and the West while underscoring cultural propaganda found in 20th-century Chinese culture. Shi was born in Liaoning Province and graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. The artist has exhibited in several major group exhibitions, including “Chinese Contemporary Painting” at Marella Arte Contemporanea in Bologna, Italy, and “Moyemode Moyemobude” at 798 Art Zone in Beijing, China. In addition, Shi has been featured in “New Art from China” with the Saatchi Gallery in London.