May, 2007

D'nell Larson

The sculptures and videos of Los Angeles-based artist D’nell Larson are concerned with the dynamics of love, romantic relationships and longing. Larson often challenges feminine and masculine connotations with her material choices, which include sequins, candy, feathers, fabric and crystals. The artist also furthers this investigation by using iconic love-related imagery, such as arrows, swans and sweetheart candies. Last year, Larson presented a video with[…..]

Tim Hawkinson

“Zoopsia” is the title of a new series of work commissioned for display at the Getty Museum by acclaimed Los Angeles-based artist Tim Hawkinson. The term “Zoopsia” refers to the visual hallucination of animals that often occur in delirium tremens. Hawkinson, a previous DailyServing feature, has created several new works using common household materials that illustrate imaginative zoological forms. “Octopus,” shown above, is a photo-collage[…..]

Jane Fine

New paintings by New York artist Jane Fine are currently on view this month with Pierogi in Leipzig, Germany, in her show “Skirmish.” Fine has continued an investigation into armed conflict with scenes of tanks, barbed wire and trenches, created from pools of acrylic paint and marker. Each painting exists between figuration and abstraction and embodies an equal obscurity between painting and drawing, in a[…..]

Val Britton

San Francisco-based artist Val Britton constructs and integrates maps with other referenced imagery such as freeways, billboard scaffolding and road signs. The artist uses this process to navigate her past, charting memories and creating a personal record through symbols and metaphors. The artist’s laborious process is created completely by hand, fusing the media of printmaking, collage, painting and drawing and fiber arts within a single[…..]

William Kentridge

South African artist William Kentridge produces works that exist somewhere between film, drawing and theater and sometimes as a combination of all three. Kentridge’s drawings and stop-motion videos often have a subtle but reflectively political undertone, investigating the cultural dualities of South Africa and the artist’s birth city of Johannesburg. Using the reductive medium of charcoal with only a small amount of blue or red[…..]

Fred Eerdekens

The sculptures and installations of Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens explore light and language through manipulated materials. The artist investigates connections between images and language as he transforms constructed objects into words. The artist projects light onto carefully organized objects to create small phrases within the shadow. Eerdekens uses a variety of materials to achieve this, including artificial trees, plants, piles of clothing and household goods[…..]

Mariko Mori

Japanese artist Mariko Mori creates a variety of sculpture and photographic work that explores ideas and symbols related to the self and the connection with others. The artist’s work addresses the issues of Eastern and Western individualism within a unified society and the notion of a collective consciousness. Mori uses images and characters to serve as a model for transcending the boundaries of nation, culture[…..]