May, 2007

Dannielle Tegeder

Currently on view at Tony Wight/Body Builder & Sportsman in Chicago are new works by New York-based artist Dannielle Tegeder. “The Chicago Index of the Invisible: Incidents and Interconnections” is a project that investigates unexplained disappearances within the greater Chicago area. The artist has constructed a space in the gallery for projections of actual and fictional sites of the disappearances and murders. In addition, the[…..]

Wolfgang Bauer

Currently on view at Found Gallery in Los Angeles are a new series of narrative paintings from Austrian-born artist Wolfgang Bauer. Titled “Spring Awakenings,” the show features several life-sized oil paintings of androgynous young people who directly confront the viewer with intense and persistent eye contact. The series, which developed from a study of German literature, philosophy and anthropology, investigates the struggles of childhood. Focusing[…..]

Brian Griffiths

Sculptor Brian Griffiths creates small and monumental works that are steeped in myth and legend and act as portals to the past. Constructed primarily of found objects from antique and second-hand stores, Griffiths uses the inherent history of the objects and exploits it to offer an implied history of his own. Ideas of voyage, adventure and exotic lands are all referenced through the structures and[…..]

Lead Pencil Studio

The Seattle-based duo Lead Pencil Studio is comprised of artists Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo. The two artists investigate elements of architecture, often rebuilding the framework of physical structures to reveal a mere trace of the original. Last year, with the help of the Creative Capital Foundation, Han and Mihalyo assembled a full-scale replica of the Maryhill Museum of Art titled “Maryhill Double ” that[…..]

Shinique Smith

Brooklyn-based artist Shinique Smith recently presented an exhibition titled “Open Strings” with the Skestos Gabriele Gallery in Chicago. The artist produces her works through the collection and accumulation of objects, which are often autobiographical and taken from several decades and generations of use. Smith binds many of these found objects in a ritualistic process that reconnects the meaning and physical qualities of each piece. Through[…..]

Karl Haendel

Artist Karl Haendel renders a variety of loosely associated imagery through seductively photo realistic graphite drawings. Haendel has become known presenting his works in a non-linear fashion, and for creating a wide range of meticulous rendered images. His unique salon-style presentation offers the opportunity to re-contextualize each image as they are read in proximity to the artist’s other images. The result creates infinitely new relationships[…..]

Larry Clark

Artist, filmmaker, photographer and writer Larry Clark is perhaps best known for his feature-length films graphically depicting subculture youth engaging in the extremities of drugs, sex and violence. His ground-breaking film “Kids,” released in 1995, cast several teenage skateboarders that Clark befriended in New York City’s Washington Square Park. The controversial film was given a rating of NC-17 and was celebrated at both the Cannes[…..]