May, 2007

Tauba Auerbach

Bay Area artist Tauba Auerbach is currently exhibiting new text-based works at the Jack Hanley Gallery in San Francisco. Auerbach investigates semantic systems, playfully combining letters to create new meanings, while challenging the limitations of typography and language. Employing elements of hard-edged abstraction, the artist is able to use her experiences as a sign painter to explore the function of lettering and text in society,[…..]

Gregory Crewdson

The photographic dreamscapes of artist Gregory Crewdson are magnificently choreographed and quietly disturbing. Crewdson is one of America’s most influential photographers who’s reached international acclaim for his mysterious and intriguing photos. Crewdson’s scenes are hyper-manicured with immaculate detail that demand prolonged engagement from viewers. Often, the work is fraught with tension, anxiety and desire that powerfully reveals qualities inherent to suburban American life. Crewdson has[…..]

Adam Scott

Painter Adam Scott re-contextualizes the Middle American landscape by inserting surreal cartoon characters and distorted perspectives. The artist applies paint pigment in thick coats with vibrant artificial colors, which only further intensifies the imagery. Scott’s images are often derived from elements of cinema, old postcards and personal memories and experiences. By appropriating ideas and images from a collective American consciousness, Scott is able to offer[…..]

Shi Xinning

Chinese-artist Shi Xinning creates paintings that reference social realism through iconic figures from history. The artist renders the images as they are found in their original format, in sepia tone or from newspapers in black and white. Shi then alters the paintings by falsely inserting prominent Chinese cultural figures such as Mao Zedong at the table of pivotal Western leaders. This placement allows the artist[…..]

Chris Johanson

Artist Chris Johanson’s brightly colored, socially saturated works offer a humorous light to current cultural and societal feelings. With the background of the artist rooted in contemporary culture rather than formal art training, Johanson is able to rely solely on his personal experiences and the collective experience of all Americans to explore absurdity and humor in contemporary life. The artist is a prolific creator and[…..]

Christoph Schmidberger

Austrian-born painter Christoph Schmidberger creates figurative works structured within the realm of realism. The artist uses both imagery and color palate to confront the viewer with beauty and interrupted modesty. These sensual works reference traditional romantic painting, while presenting images of vulnerability, beauty and youth. Schmidberger’s color palate is soft, with buttery colors, which further emphasizes the delicacy of the images. Schmidberger’s work will be[…..]

assume vivid astro focus

A new multi-media extravaganza exhibition titled “a very anxious feeling” by assume vivid astro focus (avaf) is on view with John Connelly Presents in New York City. The exhibition contains three environments within the gallery and includes 3-D wallpaper, a corridor of music, flashing neon sculptures, video and a room with a series of music-related performances. A featured installation titled “Four-letter words” is comprised of[…..]