Mathew Brannon


While employing a vocabulary of graphic art, artist Mathew Brannon’s work explores social ideals and personal emotions through reductive images. Brannon uses screen printing as his primary method of creation, offering commentary on mass production while also allowing the work to remain in an original format. The artist challenges modes of semiotics by juxtaposing certain graphic images with potent text to elicit a particular emotive response. The human condition and ideas of disappointment and illusion are investigated through cultural symbols and media-related forms. The design element of Brannon’s work illustrates how product packaging and placement has an impact on our feelings of value, sense of self and emotional vulnerability. This year, the artist will present “Try and be grateful” at the Art Gallery of York University in Toronto. In 2006, Brannon exhibited with the Friedrich Petzel Gallery in New York, David Kordansky Gallery in Basel, Switzerland, and “HYENA” at Jan Winkelmann Gallery in Berlin. The artist attended the University of California and completed his MFA at Columbia University School of Art in New York.