Lead Pencil Studio


The Seattle-based duo Lead Pencil Studio is comprised of artists Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo. The two artists investigate elements of architecture, often rebuilding the framework of physical structures to reveal a mere trace of the original. Last year, with the help of the Creative Capital Foundation, Han and Mihalyo assembled a full-scale replica of the Maryhill Museum of Art titled “Maryhill Double ” that was built completely of scaffolding and located one mile south of the Columbia River Gorge on the border of Oregon and Washington. Currently on view in Seattle’s premiere contemporary art space, Lawrimore Project, is Lead Pencil Studio’s “Drawing Space,” a multi-room installation that extends the gallery’s pre-existing architecture while also inventing new structures within the space. The duo is exhibiting in the San Francisco Exploratorium through June and will be presenting new works with the Boise Art Museum in Idaho in 2008.