Larry Clark


Artist, filmmaker, photographer and writer Larry Clark is perhaps best known for his feature-length films graphically depicting subculture youth engaging in the extremities of drugs, sex and violence. His ground-breaking film “Kids,” released in 1995, cast several teenage skateboarders that Clark befriended in New York City’s Washington Square Park. The controversial film was given a rating of NC-17 and was celebrated at both the Cannes Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. “Kids” was followed by three more feature films, one of which was banned from distribution in some areas. In addition to filmmaking, Clark is also an acclaimed photographer in the contemporary arts world, with works in several major museums. In 2006, Clark presented two self-titled exhibitions with Le Case d’Arte in Milan, Italy, and with Spruth Magers Lee in London. In 2005, the artist received the International Photography Lucie Award for Achievement in documentary photography.