Daniel Gordon


Opening this weekend at Zach Feuer Gallery is Thin Skin II, the first New York-based solo exhibition of artist Daniel Gordon. Using elements of temporary sculpture and collage, the artist is able to construct works from appropriated Internet images and document them in photographic form. The disjointed materials in Gordon’s work operate as a commentary on the contemporary image while simultaneously allowing the conceptual nature of the work to remain personal and unadulterated. Gordon’s work challenges elements of traditional photography and the notions of beauty as it relates to the medium. The photos remain tightly cropped and are suggestive of acitivity outside the immediate image plane. Gordon currently lives and works in New York City. He is a graduate of Bard College, New York (2003) and completed his MFA at Yale University School of Art (2006). The artist presented Flying Pictures and Constructions with Angstrom Gallery in Dallas and GroeflinMaag Gallery in Basel, Switzerland (2004).