Brian Griffiths


Sculptor Brian Griffiths creates small and monumental works that are steeped in myth and legend and act as portals to the past. Constructed primarily of found objects from antique and second-hand stores, Griffiths uses the inherent history of the objects and exploits it to offer an implied history of his own. Ideas of voyage, adventure and exotic lands are all referenced through the structures and materials employed, causing an epic story to set sail, driven by Griffiths’ imagination. A graduate of Goldsmiths College in London, the artist has exhibited worldwide with recent shows at the Edward Mitterand Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland (2006), Vilma Gold in London (2005) and in the Groninger Museum in Groninger, The Netherlands (2004). This fall, Griffiths will present “The Furnace,” commissioned by A Foundation and exhibited in London.