May, 2007

Wolfgang Bauer

Wolfgang Bauer, an Austrian artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, recently sat for an interview with DailyServing. (See his previous DS feature.) Bauer was educated in Austria and in the U.S. at the Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna and Salzburg and the University of Southern California. This month, Bauer will be exhibiting “Spring Awakenings,” a new series of paintings with[…..]

Kati Heck

German artist Kati Heck uses a unique synthesis of photorealism, illustration and painterly expression to create seemingly collaged paintings. Heck’s work is often auto-biographical and explores her personal experiences as well as elements of contemporary culture through outside references of pornography, architecture, art history and instruction manuals. The possible narratives in her work are influenced by comics, mystery novels and film and often contain people[…..]

Mathew Brannon

While employing a vocabulary of graphic art, artist Mathew Brannon’s work explores social ideals and personal emotions through reductive images. Brannon uses screen printing as his primary method of creation, offering commentary on mass production while also allowing the work to remain in an original format. The artist challenges modes of semiotics by juxtaposing certain graphic images with potent text to elicit a particular emotive[…..]

Dieter Appelt

Dieter Appelt is one of Germany’s most influential photographers and videographers. Since 1982, the artist has taught photography, film and video at the Hochschule der Kunst in Berlin. In the late 1970’s and 1980’s, the artist’s work was centered on performance art, and his photography developed out of the documentation of his performance. Often, the performances took place within constructed nature-based sculptures or sets and[…..]

Daniel Gordon

Opening this weekend at Zach Feuer Gallery is Thin Skin II, the first New York-based solo exhibition of artist Daniel Gordon. Using elements of temporary sculpture and collage, the artist is able to construct works from appropriated Internet images and document them in photographic form. The disjointed materials in Gordon’s work operate as a commentary on the contemporary image while simultaneously allowing the conceptual nature[…..]

Mark Schoening

By synthesizing ideas of modern technology and the experience of life in the information era, the artist Mark Schoening offers a social commentary about the effects of inescapable media. While the paintings are a reflection of our time, they certainly speak of the possibilities and ramifications of future technological growth. Schoening attempts to capture this atmosphere in a fixed image, allowing the viewer the opportunity[…..]

Benjamin Degen

New York-based artist Benjamin Degen creates paintings that simultaneously represent multiple elements such as figures, landscapes, diagrams and still-lives. Drawing inspiration from the flattened aesthetic of Minoan paintings, Greek amphorae, Kama Sutra illustrations and Chinese landscape paintings, Degen is able to alter space to re-contextualize form and, thus, meaning. The artist strips away the specific identities of his subject matter so that the forms read[…..]