Wang Guangyi


Creating work in the category of Chinese contemporary art termed “Political Pop,” artist Wang Guangyi’s paintings at once reference propaganda images from the Cultural Revolution and imagery of contemporary popular culture. The vast amount of social images brought forth through the Maoist Regime is synthesized through these works to offer a critique of the Cultural Revolution historically and ideologically. This critique is furthered by the artist’s use of socially appropriated imagery of the Chinese people, signifying the middle-class within China’s expansive population, economy and governmental policy. Guangyi was born in Harbin, China, and currently lives and works in Beijing. Recent solo exhibitions include works with the Galerie ARARIO in Seoul, Korea, and Galerie Urs Meile in Lucerne, Switzerland. The artist has also exhibited with Galerie Enrico Navarra in Paris and with Hanart TZ Gallery in Hong Kong, China. Guangyi was featured in an exhibition and article with the ShanghART Gallery in Shanghai, China.