Tanyth Berkeley


In a recent exhibition with the Bellwether Gallery, photographer Tanyth Berkeley presented three major bodies of work — “The Fugitive,” “The Muse” and “The Frequency” — all capturing intimate images of individuals. As with previous series, the artist examines aspects of trangendered women, albinos, street performers and anonymous people. Berkeley’s images are taken in both a snapshot and staged format, and, although the artist captures a wide variety of images, they all embody a shockingly humanist perspective. Ideas of anonymity, individuality and the desire to be noticed through expression are often present in the artist’s work. Berkeley is a recent M.F.A. graduate of Columbia University School of the Arts (2004) and attended the School of the Visual Arts (SVA) in New York (1999). This fall, Berkeley will be included in a three-person exhibition, titled “New Photography,” at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).