April, 2007

Althea Thauberger

“Zivildienst Kunstprojekt, Kunstprojekt Zivildienst” translates to “Social Service Art Project, Art Project Social Service” and is a new series by Canadian artist Althea Thauberger at John Connelly Presents in New York. Long periods of research in social and political developments led the artist into collaborative performances that intend to reveal a particular group consciousness and civil responsibility. Thauberger collaborates with various social groups, engaging them[…..]

Beth Edwards

Tennessee-based artist Beth Edwards approaches the subject of toy dolls much like a still-life painter. The artist’s interest in this subject stems from the social implications that are conceived through the dolls and the impressions that they have on children. Often, Edwards will deviate for the exact image of a particular toy and re-contextualize the work by feminizing masculine toys or vice versa. For example,[…..]

E.V. Day

The installation “Bride Fight” is a suspended moment in an explosion of combat between two bridal gowns. Artist E.V. Day has created a series of sculptures that challenge conventional feminine stereotypes through exploding women’s garments. Installed in several locations is “G-Force,” an installation with hundreds of g-strings in fighter jet formation. Each sculpture is constructed with a complex wire system used to suspend small pieces[…..]